Building Evacuation

Building evacuation can occur for a number of reasons and has to be well planned should the need to evacuate arise
A building evacuation is more difficult to organise for people who are casually visiting a building or using its service on a temporary basis.

By assessing the possible difficulties when evacuating and the types of building evacuation that can be provided, the needs of its occupants will be easier to address.
It is unrealistic to be able to provide a unique plan for each person accessing a large occupancy building so therefore a well designed standard plan can be used.

Copies of the plan should be available at all entrances and/or reception points around the venue and people should be notified of its existence when they arrive/access the building.
A disabled person requiring assisted evacuation should be offered advice on how they can be assisted and given clear instructions on the actions they should take in the event of a building evacuation.

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