Disabled Evacuation

The Fire Service is responsible for fighting fires and protecting life and property in the event of a fire, but it is ultimately the responsibility of public venues in minimising the risk from fire in its building.

Fires can start regardless of how careful you are, so it is important to know that every one using the building can escape safely if they need to.

Each building should have an emergency fire action plan specifying the evacuation procedures for everyone, including disabled evacuation.

The focus on access into premises to enable disabled people to fully use a building needs to be matched with arrangements for their safe disabled evacuation if necessary.

The safe egress and evacuation of disabled people requires careful consideration and attention.

Where an employer or a service provider does not make provision for disabled evacuation from their premises, this is likely to constitute a failure to comply with the requirements of fire safety law and may be an offence. 

It could also be considered to be disability discrimination under the DDA.

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