Disabled Evacuation Chair

 A disabled evacuation chair looks like a deckchair with skis and wheels underneath slides down the stairs when needed and can be moved by one or two people.

Not everybody is familiar with a disabled evacuation chair, so this method should not automatically be considered as the ideal option for a disabled person in the event of an emergency evacuation situation.

The disabled evacuation chair needs to be accompanied by an in depth plan for use by members of staff that are fully trained and familiar with its use.

During practice and training, it is advised that the member of staff who will be using the disabled evacuation chair acts as the disabled person during role pale, as this will increase their confidence in using the equipment in a real evacuation situation.

It is also advisable to allocate the particular member of staff to take charge of the equipment and it be kept alongside or as close to their working location as possible.

Where a disabled member of public or staff requests the disabled evacuation chair or may possibly require it, their location in the building should be in close proximity to the device at all times.

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