Emergency Egress

Always have a plan in place- PEEPs
Personal Emergency Egress Plans are designed for anybody who could have a problem escaping in an emergency.
That could be someone who is temporarily impaired (pregnant women or those with an injury such as a broken limb), permanently impaired (through hearing, sight, ambulatory or cognitive reasons) or others such as children.
In order to make an Emergency Egress plan work, you will need somebody designated to identifying those who may be considered at risk.

Where ever possible a member of staff should be allocated for this purpose in an Emergency Egress situation.
If possible, an assessment of every member of public and their individual needs should be carried out when they enter the building.

If not possible, then clearly visible fire safety advice should be displayed throughout the building.
To keep up to date with specific Emergency Egress arrangements, evacuation drills should be held regularly so all members of staff are confident should a real situation occur.
You will also need to consider any areas that are being affected by building or remodelling work and how this may affect an Emergency Egress.

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