Evac Chairs

In buildings that are publically accessed it is essential to provide Evac Chairs at key points throughout the building.

Evac Chairs become imperative as some types of wheelchair, such as large motorised chairs, are not suitable for carrying down a number of stairs should the building need to be evacuated.

People who use electrically powered wheelchairs may have less mobility than people who use manual chairs so it is important to assess all people based on their individual needs.

Some wheel chair users may be comfortable being carried out by a member of staff but the dignity of the person should be considered at all times with staff being trained to ask rather than assume that Evac Chairs are the best option.

If there is no suitable lift to help with the evacuation, the person’s wheelchair may need to be left in the building due to its weight and size.

This will mean that some other method of carrying the person down stairs will be required with equipment such as Evac Chairs.

Training staff to consider all of these factors will make for a smooth evacuation process with the most important thing to remember in these situations is to advise both staff and members of the public, not to panic.

By providing a number of well practised and easy to use options for both everybody assessing the building, all evacuation procedures should run as smoothly as possible.

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