Evacuation Chairs

Wheelchair users normally have difficulty evacuating from any floor other than an accessible ground floor level.

Assumptions should never be made about the abilities of wheelchair users and any member of the public using a wheelchair should be consulted about the easiest method of evacuation for them, should it be required.

The ability to evacuate within a short timescale may not be possible for some wheelchair users and in this case evacuation chairs may be needed.

Many people will be able to manage stairs and be able to walk longer distances especially if short rest periods are built into the evacuation procedure.

Those who can, may prefer to shuffle or slide down the stairs after the majority of other members of public have been evacuated.

If horizontal evacuation or using a lift are not feasible options, disabled people should be carried down (or up) the stairs in evacuation chairs.

It is also important to remember that timing issues and possible obstruction of escape routes for others are prime things to consider and counteract when using evacuation chairs.

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