Fire Evacuation

A fire on your premises should be detected at a rapid pace so warning can be given to people in order for them to escape quickly and safely during a fire evacuation.

It is imperative to have sufficient fire-detection and warning system in the event of a fire evacuation.
You should always have an emergency fire evacuation plan that can be followed by all people accessing the building.

You should:
• Escape routes should be is as short in length as possible.
• Realistically calculate the amount of people that would need to access the escape route.
• Outline alternative routes should the original means of escape become blocked or unusable.
• Make sure there is a clear passageway to all escape routes.
• Ensure escape routes are kept clear of any obstacles.
• Make specific arrangements for the evacuation of elderly or disabled people.
• Inform and train all employees in how to escape the building.
• Identify all escape routes with appropriate signs.
• Provide portable multi-purpose fire extinguishers so a fire can be tackled in early stages or should those evacuating need to use them.

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