Stairway Evacuation Chair

Your buildings emergency evacuation plan should be appropriate to your premises, and preparations should be in place for the safe evacuation of people who are particularly at risk, i.e. children or people with disabilities.

Lifts or electricity dependant equipment should not be used in the event of fire or other situations that require evacuation.

This can create problems for those with mobility issues such as wheelchair users, bed bound residents and people you require walking aids when they need to evacuate a building quickly.

This must be taken into account when preparing your emergency plan, as it must include an outline for the evacuation of disabled people from any part of your building to a place of ultimate safety.

To achieve this you may need an evacuation aid such as a stairway evacuation chair.

A stairway evacuation chair can prove to be expensive, not in both purchase and training but ultimately protects all people assessing a large capacity venue.

A stairway evacuation chair is not difficult to use once designated members of staff are confident following training and can relieve elements of stress from an evacuation situation.

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